Choose Life Worship

Sending God’s Fragrance of Worship around the World.
Our Vision
Choose Life Worship's vision began with the church's original value of sending God's fragrance around the world. In 2013, Lead Pastor John Roebert and Music Director Bruce Wallace collaborated to develop the worship team, aiming to record their own material and present live worship on various streaming platforms. The vision also aimed to create a culture of song writing and original worship within CHOOSE LIFE Church.
Our Worship

The CHOOSE LIFE song writing team, consisting of five members, collaborated with congregation members and established artist Frits de Groot to create 10 original songs. The first album was released in 2018 and was distributed by CCLI in South Africa. Pastor John decided to release a new album every two years, with singles in between. In 2022, 11 original songs were prepared for a live worship album.

Our Future

Choose Life Worship has caught the attention of a leading record label in South Africa, recently acquired by the Warner Music Group. An amicable agreement was reached, and Choose Life Worship signed under Warner Music to assist in world wide distribution, and the rest, as they say, is yet to be written. God has truly blessed CHOOSE LIFE Church in their worship, even though still in humble beginnings.