Our Vision

The vision for Choose Life Worship essentially started with one of the churches original Values: We dream of worship that sends God’s fragrance around the world.”

After much deliberation in 2013, Lead Pastor, John Roebert, and his newly appointed Music Director, Bruce Wallace, decided to work together on the main Choose life Worship team. It was agreed the worship team needed to move in a new direction and under new leadership, that not only facilitated the need for Sunday morning worship, but also to fulfil this vision statement.

Shortly after Bruce's release into the Worship Team as Music Director and Drummer, he set out, and presented to the team a plan of development in order to take the worship team to a level of proficiency, that not only enabled them to record their own material, but to be able to present live worship with a level of excellence via live streaming platforms, and eventually TV broadcast on a weekly basis.

Part of the vision in developing the worship team was  to create a culture of song writing, to define original worship from within Choose Life Church, thus paving the way to their first Live Recording.

Our Worship

Initially song content was gathered through various  contributions via congregation members, which was then carefully selected and worked into viable songs. The rest came through Bruce working with established artist, Frits de Groot, one of the teams’ primary worship leaders. All together they accounted for 10 original songs.

The first album was recorded in 2018 and released early the next year. It was independently distributed via online platforms and administered by CCLI in South Africa.

This initial collaboration of musicians, worship leaders and songwriters formed the basis of the CHOOSE LIFE song writing team, now comprising of 5 members. From this point onwards  it was decided  by Pastor John, that a new album should be released every two years, with singles being released in between.

Unfortunately, the COVID epidemic put a delay on the second live album for a couple of years, but with a continued effort in 2022 the team had prepared another 11 original songs to be selected for a new live worship album in August 2023. Content was created, arranged and submitted to Pastor John in order to be played in Sunday services and selected songs subsequently produced by Bruce Wallace for further release.

Our Future

Since then Choose Life Worship has caught the attention of a leading record label in South Africa, recently acquired by the Warner Music Group. An amicable agreement was reached, and Choose Life Worship signed under Warner Music to assist in world wide distribution, and the rest, as they say, is yet to be written.

God has truly blessed CHOOSE LIFE Church in their worship, even though still in humble  beginnings. Many doors have opened through His provision and the dedication of like minded individuals, who, in excellence, wish to sing unto the Lord a new song and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.